Houston Bridal Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
Our desire is to give our appointments our full attention. Because shopping for wedding gowns, attendants’ dresses, and accessories is a personal, one-on-one service, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment to ensure that you have a consultant to help you with all of your bridal attire and accessory needs. If you do not schedule an appointment, our consultants may already be scheduled to assist other appointments and therefore may be unable to provide the service you, as a bride deserves.

How long does an appointment last?
Appointments are scheduled to last for 1 1/2 hours.

How long does it take to order my...?

  • -wedding gown?
    4-6 months to arrive once the order has been placed. We recommend ordering at least 6-8 months in advance of the wedding.
  • -bridesmaids dresses?
    3-4 months to arrive once the order has been placed. We recommend ordering at least 5 months in advance of the wedding.
  • -flowergirl dresses?
    Depending on the designer, these take either 4- 6 weeks or 3-4 months to arrive.
  • -shoes?
    Shoes usually arrive in 2-6 weeks depending on if the shoes are died to a swatch or ordered in a standard color.
  • -veils?
    Veils take between 6-10 weeks
  • -headpieces?
    Headpieces take between 3-8 weeks
  • -jewelry?
    Jewelry takes between 4-8 weeks
  • -Beverly Clark and Jamie Lynn items?
    These items take about 3-6 weeks

What if I don't have enough time?
Some bridal designers offer a rush delivery or overnight shipping. Your consultant will know which designers will be available in a hurry or can find out from the designer what the current ship date is for the specific dress you need.

Most bridesmaids dresses have a rush delivery option. For all other items, ask your consultant what options can be made.

What sizes are your sample dresses?
Our sample dresses are ordered for our store in middle sizes in order to accomodate the greatest amount of people. The majority of our sample sizes are sizes 10 and 12, which is the average woman's size. We know that not everyone is the size of our sample dresses, which is why we will clip the dresses to you to show you what they will look like in your size. We also do have a small amount of sample dresses in women's sizes. Wedding gown and bridesmaid dress sizes do run small, so you should expect your size to be one to two sizes larger than your normal clothes. Once you choose your dress, we will take your measurements so that we can order you the best size based on the manufacturer's size chart.

Can I order a sample of the color of my bridesmaids' dresses or my wedding gown?
Bridesmaids' swatches:
Bill Levkoff, D'Zage, Jim Hjelm, Watters & Watters, and WToo offer free swatches and usually arrive in 3-4 weeks. There is no way to rush swatches since it is a free service provided by the designers.

After Six and Dessy does not offer free swatches, but they can be ordered at http://www.dessy.com/swatches-trims/

Wedding gown swatches:
Most designers offer swatches of their fabrics. Ask your sales consultant for more information.

Do you sell dresses off the rack?
We do have a selection of Floor Samples for Sale. These wedding gowns were samples in our store and have now either been discontinued or are available to purchase off the rack. The bridesmaids dresses we have available to sell off the rack have all been discontinued and are not available to re-order, so there will only be one of each dress.

My bridesmaid is pregnant, what do I do?
If her bridesmaid's dress has not yet been ordered, you can either order the dress you chose in 3-5 sizes larger, or you can choose a maternity style for her to wear. Choosing how many sizes larger to order for her will depend on how many months pregnant she will be.

If her bridesmaid's dress has already been ordered, you will most likely be able to order extra material from the designer and have a seamstress alter the dress to accommodate her. There is also the option to order a new dress in a larger size if you still have time and you prefer to do this.

Will you store my dress until my wedding date?
Houston Bridal Gallery will be more than happy to store your wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, and all other items until your wedding day.

What is the price range for your…

  • -wedding gowns?
    About $1500 - $5500. Our Floor Samples for Sale range from about $800-$2000.
  • -bridesmaid dresses?
    About $175 - $350.
  • -flowergirl dresses?
    About $100 - $230.
  • -shoes?
    About $50 - $110.
  • -veils?
    About $50 - $450.
  • -headpieces?
    About $50 - $150
  • -jewelry?
    About $50 - $400
  • -Beverly Clark and Jamie Lynn items?
    About $25 - $100

Why is it a bad idea to order my dress online?
It is a bad idea to order your dress online for numerous reasons. Our designers do not authorize any of their authorized retailers to sell their products on the internet. By ordering your dress online, you may be ordering a counterfeit product that could be the wrong size, color, material, and shape. You may also receive a defective or used product, or you may not receive your items in time for your wedding and could be stuck trying to find a back-up at the last minute. When these problems arise (and they most likely will), you will probably not have anyone to contact to fix these errors for you.

We have heard too many horror stories, and we don’t think you should take these risks for your special day. If you find an online store that is selling designer dresses that are priced well below retail price, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Think twice before making the decision to purchase your dress online, not to mention sacrificing your wedding experience online.

Will you press my dress for my wedding?
With your wedding gown purchase, you will receive one free pressing, and then each additional pressing is an additional charge.

We are happy to press wedding gowns for brides who are getting married in Houston and are coming in from out of town, or simply have purchased their wedding gown elsewhere. With your bridesmaid’s dress or flowergirl dress purchase, we will press your dress for you when we receive it so that it is ready for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. If you need your dress pressed an additional time before the wedding, it is an additional charge unless you complete your alterations with us.

My wedding has been cancelled...now what?
First of all, we wish you the best of luck! You are still responsible to pay the remainder of your balance if you still have one.

If you want to sell your wedding gown, the best thing to do would be to sell it online or to check with local consignment stores. We will not buy back any dresses. We can also preserve your gown for you to keep the dress from turning colors over time.